Jeremiah 1:5

Before I formed you, Mavery, in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born, I set you apart.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

6 months of Mavery

Dear Mavery,

6 months ago we met for the first time. I remember thinking and wondering what life would be like 6 months later with you. And now here we are. We survived! ;-) We have both changed and grown and sometimes we are still trying to figure out this road that God has us traveling on together.

You have come a long way in these 6 months. Sometimes I am so focused on NOW and where we are going, that I forget to look back at where you were.

You sleep GREAT now. We still share a room, but with in the next few months you will be moving to your OWN room. When we first came home bedtime was not a fun thing. Now, when we say night night, you know what to do. You will lay in your crib and sing for a long time after we turn the lights out. You have attached to a panda bear that you insist on snuggling with. You also now like blankets and pillows, those were a no go at first. And once you fall asleep, you STAY asleep. Our only complaint is how early you wake up! Did you not get the memo in China that we sleep late here? That we stay in bed at least till the sun is up? ;0)

You are a hearty eater! In fact, the doctor told us we need to start controlling your portions. You do scream for food at times, and we are trying to figure that out. Is it because you were not always allowed enough food? We are not sure. You can eat ALOT at a sitting, but will eat healthy snacks if offered. I hope that after your heart is all fixed, you will be able to be more active and I know that will help in this area. (you run out of breath easy and so tire out much faster than your siblings)

You do move! You do not sit still at all. A little wiggle worm. Trying to get you to sit and do ANYTHING is a challenge. You do not watch TV, though you know the names of shows from Sage. You will ask to watch "dola" and Diego, and they might catch your eye for about 20 seconds. Coloring? Well, that might keep you busy if Sage is able to be your canvas, or my tables or walls. but sit with you and give you a coloring book? Forget it. You LOVE to dance with your sisters, and can shake your hips and booty! Sage has taught you gymnastics well and I have to keep an eye on the two of you for fear of what you will be doing flips off of.

You are a people person, as long as it is on your terms. Sometimes you walk up to people and talk to anyone. Other times you swat at them if they look at you! Typically though if we are out you are yelling hello at everyone we pass.

You LOVE to be outside. Pushing the baby stroller & baby are your favorite. It really does not matter what we do, as long as we are outside. I am thankful that we are finally getting to spring with sunshine, it does us all good.

Your language is good. You can carry on a conversation, though some of your words are a little "off". My favorite is "I got my hungry" when you have food at the table.

You and Sage are very close, though you love all your siblings. But Sage, she is your favorite. You do tend to get very jealous of her at times, but are also starting to play well with her. You love to dress up and you can run so fast in your little dress up shoes, it makes me laugh!

There are days that are challenging as you learn what it means to be in a family, to have rules and limitations. But we are all learning together. You have come an amazing distance in 6 months, and I know that in another 6 months we will see even more changes.

We know that God has placed you in our family, and we are forever thankful for that. When I watch you fold your little hands in prayer and say "thank you Jesus for mommy, daddy, kenna, sawyer, lainey, Sagey AND Mavery!", I am reminded of what He has done for our family.

I love you Mavery, I really, really do.



DawnS said...

Shannon, I just wanted to tell you that it took close to a year for Rylee to settle down in her eating. She ate way more than any one of us for the longest time, but this has eased up on its own. I know for Rylee this was completely due to having her food controlled in the orphanage and not getting enough. As she settled in and learned that food is always available and is not running out, she really eats much more normal amounts now.

It seems like Mavery is doing wonderfully and am so glad the sleeping is going good now - always so great for the Mommy too :)

Anonymous said...

Aww - she is my beautiful niece and I love her so much! I have seen her come a long way and I know that God always knows what He is doing so she certainly belongds in this family! Give her a great big hug from Aunt Bubby!

Amy in Arizona said...

I love this post Shannon!! I love seeing another little girl from China who likes to eat!! Mavery has the BEST smile!!